A look into Inside/Out – A High School Work Experience Task

This week The Riddoch Art & Cultural Centre hosted a year 10 work experience student from a local high school. Below is her write up of one of her tasks for the week:

This week I have been participating in different activities in the Riddoch art gallery. I have helped with multiple tasks and assisted with the setup ready for a tour of the gallery. I have also been helping with the mapping plans for the next exhibition that will be going up soon.

I was given a task to look at three of my favourite pieces of the exhibition and write a brief annotation about them.

Afternoon Shadows
Created by Trevor Pitt
Trevor was born in Adelaide, in the year of 1940.
In this piece of art, basalt rock from Mount Schank was used in the glazing of the inside of the bowls.
This piece of art was made to depict the solar change over time as the sun goes down and the shadows cast a different look over everything. The porcelain dry slip finish on the outside adds an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye from every direction as the colours change and the indentations move around the bowls. The inside glazing for the bowls is coloured with the basalt rock from Mount Schank. This piece fits with the art exhibition that is up as it is showing the movement of the sun and how it is relating to the time that is passing. Being stuck inside means that we don’t get a true understanding of the time that has passed as the lighting doesn’t change and that we can’t go about our normal day.

I chose this piece because I liked the fact that he used the basalt rock from Mount Schank for the colouring for the glaze on the inside.

Untitled (still life, rose)
Created by Cathleen Edkins
Cathleen was born in 1922 and passed away in 2008. She was born at Coola station, near Mount Gambier.
Cathleen used oil on canvas to complete this artwork.
This artwork was created with rich colours, deep reds and pinks, and a neutral background. The oil paint adds an extra depth to the painting along with an incredible texture for an excellent finish. The colours that she used had different shades to depict the petals and the shadows on the petals showing the way they sit. This painting fits with the exhibition as it is trying to bring the outside in because we can’t go outside.

I chose this piece because it reminds me of being outside in the garden and picking flowers to put in a vase for the dining table.

Created by Trevor Peters
Trevor was born in 1951 in Australia.
Trevor used acrylic paint on canvas to complete this artwork.
This artwork was created with vivid pastel colours. Trevor depicted shadows on the building to show the shape of the building and the size of the windows and the balconies. This piece fits with the art exhibition theme as it is displaying the tiny little flats that some people are isolating in and their balconies that they are singing to the streets off of.

I chose this painting as there are so many different things that can be looked at and what the little things mean, like who has all of the pot plants on their balcony.

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