Adelaide Writers Week Live Stream Event

Event Date: Mon 02 Mar

Event Time: 10:30 AM - 5 PM

Event Location: Media and VR Studio

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In 2020, Writers’ Week contemplates one of the few things that incontrovertibly unites us all: Being Human.

Through the words and minds of great thinkers, Writers’ Week explores how humans engage with each other, with technology, with the natural world.  It examines the stories we tell ourselves and those we construct. It asks from where we can draw solace and inspiration. It challenges us to avoid apathy and despair. It applauds our curiosity in and engagement with the wider world. It seeks joy and stimulation in our intellect and each other.

We hope you will join the authors, poets, journalists, historians, scientists, politicians and academics from around the world coming to Adelaide to be part of our annual conversation.

Adelaide Writers’ Week
Live Streaming

Monday 2 March – The Riddoch & Main Corner Complex

10:45am – Christianity’s Crossroads / Tom Costello, Meredith Lake & Christos Tsiolkas
Beset by scandals across its denominations, the institutions of Christianity seem in crisis, with followers disillusioned by the dissonance between the behaviour of religious leaders and the Bible’s teachings. Meredith Lake’s The Bible in Australia: A Cultural History examines the defining role the Bible has played in our contemporary history. Meredith joins Christos Tsiolkas (Damascus) and Tim Costello (A Lot with a Little) to discuss the ethics and culture of Christianity and its institutions, and how they shape Australia.

12:00pm – Greenwood / Michael Christie
Michael Christie’s magnificent Greenwood begins after The Great Withering in one of the last tranches of old-growth forests, now a kind of ecomuseum for wealthy tourists. Over-qualified guide Jacinda “Jake” Greenwood’s world is turned upside down when she learns her tangled family tree gives her a claim of ownership on the resort. Dazzlingly structured across four generations, this propulsive family saga takes us to the end of the world, and then shows us how we got there.

1:15pm – Women in War / Zahra Hankir & Sophie McNeill
Sophie McNeill is one of Australia’s most celebrated journalists who has reported from frontlines in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and Gaza. With pathos and power, her new book, We Can’t Say We Didn’t Know, tells the human stories behind the battleground’s headlines. Lebanese- British journalist Zahra Hankir’s Our Women on the Ground is a collection of writings from Arab women reporting on conflicts in their own homelands, an important anthology that provides a new, non-Western lens through which to view familiar wars.

2:30pm – A Carbon Free Future / Tim Flannery & Ross Garnaut
From the scrapping of the Carbon Tax, to support for new coal mines, Australia’s major parties seem unable to grapple with our Earth’s climate crisis. In Superpower: Australia’s Low Carbon Opportunity, Ross Garnaut argues this political paralysis has obscured unrivalled opportunity. Tim Flannery’s Life: Selected Writings documents a life at the forefront of our environmental debates. Two of Australia’s leading Climate Change thinkers discuss how Australia can break out of its current policy mire and the great prospects that await us when we do.

3:45pm – Inner Exploration / Joy Harjo & Ali Cobby Eckermann
When Joy Harjo became US Poet Laureate in June 2019, she became the first Native American to hold that position.  Ali Cobby Eckermann was the first Aboriginal Australian to win Yale University’s prestigious Windham-Campbell prize, awarded annually for excellence in writing.  These two trailblazing women are powerful voices in international literature, complex, activist, and authentic.  They describe the challenges they have overcome to achieve their stunning literary success, and how they write them into their poems.

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